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Fuji Camera Instant

fuji camera instant

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fuji camera instant - Fujifilm Instax

Fujifilm Instax Mini 25 Instant Photo Camera Kit, for Vivid Credit Card Size Instant Prints - White - with Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Daylight Film, Twin Pack20 Exposures, ISO 800.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 25 Instant Photo Camera Kit, for Vivid Credit Card Size Instant Prints - White - with Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Daylight Film, Twin Pack20 Exposures, ISO 800.

Instax Mini 25 Instant Film Camera Fujifilm's newest consumer model, the stylish Instax Mini 25 produces vivid credit-card sized instant prints using Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film. In addition, this instant camera boasts added features such as an LCD film count and shooting mode display as well as a camera mounted shooting mirror for takingself portraits. The Instax Mini 25 also includes a built-in automatic electronicflash for low-light shooting, a detachable close-up shooting lens and three exposure modes auto mode for dark settings, fill in flash mode for auto flash on bright or dark areas, and landscape mode. The programmed electronic shutter has two release buttons for vertical and horizontal shooting. Available in white.

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My Thrift Store Cameras

My Thrift Store Cameras

Cameras I have found in the last year and a half at the thrift store. Most of these came from the Red White And Blue store in Hialeah. The i-Zone frames were from eBay. I have this fantasy that one day The Impossible Project will find the last remaining i-Zone film machinery and start making the film again.

Pic taken with Fuji Instax Wide camera and film which I bought from Amazon after I figured I would not find one at the thrift store. Number 1 on my wish list: a functioning Super 8mm movie camera.

Maddie ( fuji instant)

Maddie ( fuji instant)

This is Maddie, she is 12. She did not want her photo taken, but now that I am getting her sister ready to photograph, she has changed her mind...kids.

Taken on a polaroid 320 land camera using fuji FP-100B instant film.

fuji camera instant

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What Is A Good Video Camera

what is a good video camera

    video camera
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    what is
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What's In Your Bag?

What's In Your Bag?

You can probably learn a lot about someone just by looking at what they keep in their everyday bags.

On any given day, this is the can'tleavehomewithoutit pile that I have in tow. So, what exactly do we have here? What does it say about me?

1. Canon camera: I like to take pictures. I like to take picture and I see a lot of random crap, so it's only fitting that I would carry a camera of some sort with me. I keep in in this green pouch (that I got at Henry's Imaging Show for $1. HOLLAH!) so it doesn't get damaged. In that camera is a nifty little memory card by Eye-Fi, that makes uploading and managing pictures easy as pie, even if you're as lazy as I am.

2. Nintendo DSi XL: I game. I always have and I always will. I don't think there have been many occasions where I've left home without some sort of handheld video game system since high school. Just ask Lyndsay. She can attest to the fact that I got through high school with a yellow GBC glued to my face. In college, I secretly played Harvest Moon on my GBA. HA! And you all thought I was studying!

3. FlipHD: Admittedly, I don't use my Flip as much as I could (or should), but the thing is build like a tank, is simple to use, and has two fricking hours of video storage. TWO! This little baby has come in handy during nights of drinking where I feel a particularly good burp coming on, or when I've convinced my sister to eat a can of cat food for $50.

4. DS Games: See #2. I keep a stack of games on me just in case I get bored with what I'm playing, or I encounter someone who wants to play a game head to head. Almost all of the games I keep in my purse are low commitment, fast play games. I find it's less likely that I'll miss my bus stop if I stick to games that require me to pay attention to my surroundings every once and a while.

5. Phone: My trusty Nokia E71. Everyone keeps a phone on hand, so this doesn't need explaining. I've gotten myself out of the boredom pit with the Internet services on this phone more time than I can count. It also doubles as a watch (triples? I *guess* you can make calls on it, too).

6. Lollies!: Candy, gum, lollies, whatever. There's always some sort of junk from the corner store in my purse.

7. Lip gloss: I. Hate. When. My. Lips. Feel. Dry. There are a million tubes in my purse because they somehow migrate from my jeans to my purse and back again.

8. Pen: I only started carrying a pen with me recently. I always seem to be somewhere that requires signing something, or filling something out, and there never seems to be a pen (or pen I want to touch) anywhere.

9. Car keys: So THAT'S where I put my car keys!

10. House keys: So THAT'S where I put my house keys!

11. Mini wallet: This is a boiled down version of my "real" wallet. When this mini wallet gets too full of loyalty cards, receipts, and junk, I comb through it and banish what I can back to my "real" wallet. Right now I have all of the important stuff in there, and only a few stupid cards that need to be relocated.

12-14. Laptop and accessories: Yeah, I need a laptop with me. I have a ton of music on that thing, and having a laptop with me makes me feel complete. AW. No two people are not on fire (+10 bonus points to you if you know what the reference is there).

So, what's in your bag?

My personal view on flickr videos

My personal view on flickr videos

I thought that flickr was for photographers, their photos and people connected with each other because of their love and dedication of photography. People with a passion to share and enjoy their work with other like minded folk.

I learn from other members how to do better with my photography, by viewing their posted photos.

I don't want to watch a 90 second video of someone driving along in their car with a video camera capturing the scenery rushing by. How boring!

I guess Flickr needs to cater for all kinds of folk who use a camera from the casual user who just wants to share photos with family on the other side of the world to the serious photographer who uses the camera as a tool for creativity, but videos on this site!

Learning, being artistic, inspired and imaginativeness is the challenge of photography, not some short video clip.

If we want to upload videos we can use YOUTUBE, GODTUBE, YAHOO-VIDEO and the many others sites.

I personally believe that videos will decrease the class and integrity of this site.
Just photos from like-minded folk and the sharing of their photographic skills are why I joined flickr.

PS. I have a video camera and use it often and some times share with family overseas, but no way will I use it here.

A little less talk
If you please
A lot more creativity
Is what I need
Lets get on down
To the main attraction
With a little less talk
And a lot more action.
Take A photo!

what is a good video camera

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