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Camera Raw Help

camera raw help

    camera raw
  • A camera raw image file contains minimally processed data from the image sensor of either a digital camera, image scanner, or motion picture film scanner. Raw files are so named because they are not yet processed and therefore are not ready to be printed or edited with a bitmap graphics editor.

  • A file format used in Photoshop which offers a true digital negative of an image.

  • DNG is based on the TIFF/EP standard format, and mandates significant use of metadata. Exploitation of the file format is royalty free; Adobe have published a license allowing anyone to exploit DNG,Adobe: and have also stated that there are no known intellectual property encumbrances or license

camera raw help - i-gotU USB

i-gotU USB GPS Travel & Sports Logger - GT-600

i-gotU USB GPS Travel & Sports Logger - GT-600

Do you ever wonder exactly where you were when you took that fantastic photograph? Do you wish you had an easy way to track your fitness progress? Do you wish your laptop knew your current location? Those days are finally over thanks to the iGotU GPS Travel and Sports Logger GT-600. Easily sync the unit to your camera or mobile phone by making sure they share the same date and time, and your images will be tagged with the exact location they were taken. You can even upload your trips to an online server and create nifty animated movies that can be shared with friends and family. Included Sports Analyzer software can help you meet fitness goals by tracking workout progress with calendar review, routes displayed on Google Maps, in additional to useful charts and statistics analysis such as duration, total distance, average speed, maximum speed, highest altitude and lowest altitude. Where I Am software allows you to determine exact current location with Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps or Bing Maps by connecting the i-gotU GT-600 to a computer via USB as GPS receiver. The small, unobtrusive, water resistant design makes it a great companion for bike trips, hikes, hunting, or any other adventure you have planned. Buy the iGotU GT-600 today and you will always know where your favorite pictures were taken, how much your fitness has improved, and where you are at any given time. (Windows/PC)

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Nx Blue

Nx Blue

Why NX Blue? This was shot in Nikon RAW (NEF) & post-processed
with Nikon Capture NX. I have been trying out Capture NX, and with this shot
I enhanced the dull sky with an NX Color-Control Point. I think that it has worked
well, and it is very quick & straight forward as no layers/masks are required with
the Nik U-Point technology.

Capture NX provides full post capture control of all camera settings (excl ISO).
I also applied +1 Exposure comp, and Contrast/Stauration adjustment, &
fine tuned the WB, a sharpened with a small amount of USM.
Capture NX provides additional control over WB/ Color Temp, and you can
apply any of the Color Modes (Color Space variants, Adobe RGB, sRGB etc)
that are availabe in camera to the NEF image in Capture NX. I find this very
useful to judge the relative qualities of the different in Camera Color Mode
settings. These cannot be changed if shooting in JPEG mode, so it helps to
determine which Color Mode is best for which situation when shooting JPEG.

Red Pump

Red Pump

Antique water pump at Chalco Recreation Area
I used to love playing with the water pump on my grandparents' farm. Of course, we often got into trouble because of the mess we would make.

learning my way around PSE9 with the help of Scott Kelby's book
my attempt at the grungy, high-contrast look from within Camera Raw.

camera raw help

camera raw help

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